Inflammation Discovery

Inflammation Biomarker Discovery

Effective monitoring of inflammatory processes is a fundamental need in many areas of early drug discovery. By monitoring a drug’s effects on inflammatory response pathways including cytokine secretion and cytokine receptor activation in vitro, discovery teams can identify important biomarkers that will help them to evaluate safety and efficacy and plan out how to effectively monitor these issues in vivo.

Cytokine Secretion Assays on Primary Human Cells

CellMade provides in vitro assays to assess the effects of new drug candidates on cytokine secretion and receptor activation, drawing from a large collection of primary human cells and co-culture models, bioassays and choice of read-outs. We will identify the most appropriate dynamic and functional biomarkers for your project and provide valuable data on your drug’s behaviour in vitro.

We stimulate the inflammatory process in the most appropriate cell type or co-culture model and measure cytokine secretion levels with and without incubation with the test drug. We can measure the majority of inflammatory cytokines using ELISA and immunohistochemistry cell-based assays.

View our available cytokine secretion assays for: circulation/blood, respiratory, vascular, rheumatoid arthritis, skin or ocular therapy areas.

Inflammation Bioanalysis Services

If you need to identify early inflammatory biomarkers, or assess the effect of your drug on early inflammatory response, CellMade has two unique services for real-time, rapid monitoring of inflammatory pathway activation:

  • REACT-lipid™ – Rapid and Early Activation using Lipid Bioanalysis. We identify and quantify lipid metabolites that are rapidly induced following inflammatory stimulus. We perform REACT-lipid analyses on our human primary cells or CellInsight 3D co-culture models, or on samples provided by you, including plasma/skin patches, urine or tear samples from human or animal studies.
  • REACT-steroid™ – Rapid and Early Activation using Steroid Bioanalysis. We can monitor steroidogenesis or changes in steroid profiles in vitro, in our human cell models, or in on samples provided by you, including plasma/skin patches, urine or tear samples from human or animal studies.

We will deliver valuable dose/response and time/response data to enable you to understand your drug’s effects on early inflammatory processes, enabling you to take the next step in your project.

Contact us if you need to identify and monitor inflammatory biomarkers in your drug discovery project.

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